Advertisement is a powerful medium. It attacks us everyday from TV, radio, internet, magazine pages… It floods the streets, transport system, mail boxes, even public toilets. There is no escape. Though it might seemingly offer a variety of goods it still represents the very same ideal world in which eating sweets guarantees weight reduction, where chewing gum cleans your teeth, cigarettes smell good, and cars are the safeest environment in the whole world. Values with no values, beauty without beauty.

You might think it doesn´t concern you, but advertisement gradually and unobtrusively invades the subconsciousness of each and everyone one of us.

It is our turn now. We abuse advertisement, the one constantly abusing our innermost desires, thoughts and feelings in order to sell goods. We twist, modify and transform advertisement so it speaks the language of art for at least a while. We create different commercials, those you cannot miss, and those which invoke restlesness.

At the very end you might begin to love question marks more than the dreamy world of the retouched face.


An opening gallery  – An authentic Ztohoven’s website

This project webpage – An authentic Ztohoven’s website

Znásilněné podvědomí - Ztohoven - záběry z metra

Subcouscious Raped – an authentic photo from the action