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The Moral Reform

“A parliamentary drama of 223 persons and 585 lines”

40th Meeting of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of Czech Republic. June 5th, 2012, 2:00 – 6:32 PM

Performed by: Czech MPs, members of Czech Government, members of The Office of The President of Czech Republic, the President, journalists

585 SMS sent, 561 SMS received, 24 SMS undelivered

Dear fellow citizens!

We, legally elected representatives of the people and members of the Parliament of Czech Republic, collectively admit, that our past attitude and approach has brought our society to the edge of an abyss. We have caused a loss of common confidence in fundamental pillars of the democratic system. Our crippling the truth in pursuit of our own interests has displaced moral values from our decision-making. There is no longer place for our unwillingness to set up limits to our pelf, for our reluctance to make the political management transparent and to accept our political and human responsibility for our own mistakes. Therefore we have decided to iniciate the Moral reform across the political spectrum. Here we are. Kneeling in front of You, our people who elected us, asking You for forgiveness. Asking for one more chance to gain your trust back.