We are no terrorist or political group, our purpose is not to intimidate or manipulate the society in the very same way as we are witnessing in everyday real life or media. No matter the intentions wheather political or those of market, companies, global corporations which secretly manipulate and exert presure on their products and ideas through every channel possible into the human subconsciouness. Even the slightest intrusion into this system, appeal on pure humain intellect, its ability not to be worked upon is by our opinion harmless inside democratic country. Hence the reason why artist group Ztohoven intruded public premises of our capital, Prague, few years ago and managed to impeached advertisement territory in principle as well as advertisement itself. On the June 17th 2007 our group invaded media and television territory intruded and impeached its trueness as well as its credibility. Pointed out the possible confusion of media presented picture of our wolrd for the real one. Is everything that our media such as newspapers, television, internet offer on daily basis real truth or reality? It is this idea that our project is to introduce to general public, sort of reminder to everyone. We truly believe that independet territory of television governed by public law is that kind of media which can handle such thing even at the cost of self impeachement. Let it be this kind of appeal for our future and reminder to any media that the truth must be presented at any cost. We are greateful for independent media and independent teritory for society.


New York Times

Mediální Realita Ztohoven Hřib

The Media Reality – Ztohoven – The live TV broadcast