Over Prague Castle flew the flag of a man who was not ashamed


  • support the segregation of special needs children from the integrated school system;
  • use the word ?cunt? in national media to divert attention from his own trip on the private jet of an oligarch;
  • name an advisor who was an intelligence agent of the People?s Liberation Army of China;
  • name yet another advisor who was an untrustworthy businessman with connections to Russian oil, and, who refused to release his own resumé;
  • allow a scammer without security clearance to hold onto his position of chancellor within the Office of the President of the Republic;
  • praise an army that drowned a student movement in its own blood on the very ground on which it happened;
  • associate with questionable dictators;
  • pursue the prosecution of a man who allegedly threw an egg at him;
  • use a lie to shame a national hero who survived World War Two in a concentration camp;
  • stagger inebriated over the Czech Crown Jewels and proudly show his dirty laundry to the world.

Today over Prague flew the flag of a man who is ashamed of nothing at