Almost nobody would guess that the speech of Czech MP David Rath would start a moral reform in the country. Rath was arrested and charged with receiving bribes in May 2012. He had a chance to explain what happened to other MPs, who would then vote on his political immunity. His words were not addressing the fellow MPs. He was looking at the cameras and trying to create a sentiment in the Czech nation. He pointed out other cases of corruption. The moral reform was not coming from his words nor from his heart. It was happening in parallel to his speech. And he was the only one that did not notice.

In contrast to his fellow citizens, Karel Schwarzenberg (minister of foreign affairs)  was not moved by Rath’s words. He did what every sane person in that situation would do – he fell asleep. From that place where dreams melt with reality of TV cameras filming bored politicians he sent a text message to Karolína Peake (Deputy Prime Minister of the Czech Republic).

Miss Peake was not moved by heart-breaking speech of Rath either. The cameras caught her black ThinkPad, as she was sitting right behind the speaker, but we could not see its screen. We could read her face though and it kept saying: “I don’t care what’s around, I am doing something more important”. Probably reading e-mail. Or browsing Facebook. She almost forgot that the whole country is watching her. Then she woke up – from the place where we escape when we wait at the doctor’s office – when her phone vibrated. She received a text. Although we already know what it said, at that time, we could only see her reaction: She smiled, her hand swept through her hair and she got a rush of energy. She probably decided to share that text with someone…

Karel Schwarzenberg (TOP 09) -> Karolína Peake (independent)

“Watching what goes on these days, I realize that we need to stop doing that. We need to do something, something important. Something that will change our whole society from scratch”

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Public Round / Ztohoven / 2012
Cartographies Of Hope: Change Narratives
THE DOX GALLERY PRAGUE / 22. 11. 2012 – 21. 2. 2013

Political representatives are elected to represent responsibility and the moral authority, from which qualities the trust can be drawn.
Should the trust be disrupted, a return to pure basis of a democratic system is a must.
Transparency and a social responsibility is the elementary insurance of the public administration credibility, as well as the search for all the possibilities of new ways of direct citizen’s participation on the political decision taking.
These means are becoming increasingly important especially when the elections – the only way that can make a significant change – fail for reasons seizure of political scene by the grey eminences and hidden coalitions.
You are now holding the symbolic tool of power – the book of names, direct contacts, which is usually hidden to the public. Only those who lobby the public budget, those who are supposed to personify the responsibility and the moral authority.
The Moral Reforms begins with you now.
Its your turn.

A documentary movie reveals the background of an identities change undertaken by an activists artists group Ztohoven.

Czech cinemas November 7.

A truly extended book named ART&AGENDA by The Gestalten publishers concerns the political art and activism and Ztohoven group was given a part of their space to get compared world wide.